PFT wood in form

Moulded plywood with pedigree

Welcome to PFT wood in form.

Steeped in woodworking tradition, we have been producing moulded plywood in all shapes and sizes for

more than 50 years. Over that time, we have continuously extended our already eclectic product range,

making constant improvements in quality. Our products speak for themselves.

Seats Wooden constituent parts for modern
and comfortable seats.
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Backs To any seat belongs a convenient and stable back.
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Shells A wide variety of modern and ergonomic design.
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Special orders Wood as a surprising alternative to plastic.
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Moulded plywood

with tradition

We’ve been producing moulded plywood here at PFT wood in form since 1994, on a scale ranging from one-offs to mass production. Our work is rooted in understanding how to combine a traditional raw material with modern production methods, consistently producing convincing new design solutions.
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